Demeter – You will grow

You will grow means both “You will flourish” and “You will grow”.
Demeter, Mas Théo’s partner in the certification of biodynamic products, offers in this video his vision of biodynamics and the values ​​that unite certified producers and the Demeter brand.


Everything grows, gets bigger, higher and stronger. The economy is growing, our wealth is growing, profit is growing. Things are growing at the expense of our environment and our values. We humans are right in the middle of growth. Though we seem to step forward we are feeling more and more uprooted and thrown back. We have lost the connection to our breeding soil – to plants, to animals, to food. We humans are part of nature – nature is part of ourselves. Demeter knows about this inner connection and reconnects us through biodynamic methods. If we treat our earth carefully it treats us well. Demeter believes food should not just fill us up, but nourish our body, soul and mind. Being in touch with Demeter we are part of a larger organism, living with it and from it. We grow up, grow consciousness, grow beyond materialistic growth. Let us grow together – people, animals, plants and soil. We are equal elements of a living system. Harmony, trust, intuition: Being in connection with the cosmic rhythm, a balance is created that enables healthy growth, day by day, in harmony with life. Biodynamic farming means being part of an organism, humble towards Mother Earth and respectful to its partners at the farm. Behind every Demeter product stands a person who has committed themselves to values and principles. This healthy attitude of Demeter farmers is the real treasure behind the product. It ensures vegetables, fruits and meat are full of love, dedication, courage, dignity, truth and joy. These are the nutritional values our body and soul needs for growth and development. Meet the farmers from Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany and the United Kingdom in this movie, and get a feeling of biodynamic farming, living according to these values and in harmony with nature. To know more :